Molting Of Life

by Murder Cult

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released October 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Murder Cult Ashtabula, Ohio

Grinding deathened blackened power violence influenced sound the murder cult is real we are your neighbor and friends this is our soundtrack

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Track Name: Bullet Through The Skull
you were alone
and it was dark
you were in you car
my gun to your dome

i put a bullet
through your skull
now your dead
good bye.
Track Name: No Remorse
I took your life
and i feel no remorse
no remorse
i have no remorse
Track Name: Hack Sawed Limbs
bludgeoned to death
your corpse starts to rot
dragged to the bathroom
shoved into the bathtub

sawed your limbs apart
bleeding out your frail anatomy
gagging upon your filthy stench
upon your death altar

you hack sawed limbs
are stuffed into garbage bags
into the crawlspace you go
buried below victim 34

the haunting memories
that we will always share
the look deep in your eyes
as your life had expired

your hack sawed limbs
thrown away like garbage.
Track Name: Molting Of Life
shallow grave
blooming death
rotting cocoon of flesh
eternal goodbye
near completion
shedding of life

Molting life
shedding skin
becoming death
sickness within

wrapped up
in a blood stain cloth
violently entered
the crystalis of death
in a shallow grave
enter death e
exit life

shedding of life
death seepinf out
crystalis of death
molting of life.
Track Name: Under The Shade Of Night
enter the house
alone in the dark
blundegoned in your sleep
in the crawlspace you go

another victim for the cult
another human life gone
under the shade of night
i will take your life

walking alone i see you
a knife in my hand
feel you bleed out
the look in your eyes
as your life leaves the body
i feel alive as you die
blood in the streets
a public dismemberment

another victim for the cult
another human life gone
under the shade of night
i shall take your life

you dont see me
i hide in the night
kill you as you rest
shot to death in your home

another victim
another death
under the shade of night
I take your precious life.
Track Name: Murder For Life
visions of crims red
vanity for the dead
insanity in tombs
dismembered in a shed

we reach for truth
cry for a lie
insane visions
why we must die

drugged to numb
the urge to kill
you succumb
just another statistic

we cant see the truth
we cry for sanity
dancing in blood
entrails of elders

blood of the insane
paint the picture
the worlds decline
we murdee the elders

we kill for the truth
we die for the lie
insane we are
murdering for life
Track Name: Human Genocide
mass death
mass grave
mass murder

human extinction
human genocide
human life must end
human death now

human garbage
human filth
mission is clear
mass human death

human extinction t
human genocide
human life must end
human death now

i hate the flesh you bare
world wide holocaust
for the world
human extinction
murder cult mission
death for human kind
mass death human genocide

human extinction
human genocide
human life must end
human death now
Track Name: On Clipped Wings
stuck in edens fall
willingly rejected
leapt before the fall
was once an angel
now i fly on clipped wings
eternity in paradise
perished for the creation
killing off the humanity

wings clipped
in edens fall
the murderous rage
to end your life tonight

paradise is gone
on humanity i choke
severed wings
and a broken halo
angels we reject the gift
humans born to the cult
extinction one by one
wings clipped were reborn

clipped wings
we fall
suicide in a way
a pact to end your dismay

we clipped our wings
for our halo was broken
we reject the world
and kill the populus
death for all humans
long live murder cult
hatred for all i see
paradise gone world dying

we clipped our wings
we willingly take the fall
we wish to no longer fly
we murder under the moon

on clipped wings