Murder Cult

by Murder Cult

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released September 7, 2015



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Murder Cult Ashtabula, Ohio

Grinding deathened blackened power violence influenced sound the murder cult is real we are your neighbor and friends this is our soundtrack

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Track Name: Paradise Perished
We walked out of the garden for its fruits gone rotten we burned it all down happy memories are dead and sunsets and day dreams are no more we long for shores that don't exist we have perished paradise for thy fruits have gone rotten we are your children we are your friends we are your loved ones we are the cult the murder cult and more will be dead by morning
Track Name: Mass Suicide
Gather around/world is going down/im the piper to lead you through /death is the only way to way to see this world through// we are the plague/ its time to go/ clock counts down/at the sound/ pull the trigger/ swallow the pills/hang on the noose/mass suicide//mass suicide.
Track Name: Broken Halo
Wings burnt/ halo is broken/ justice mistrusted/ innocence gone// born into kingdom come/ watch your world slowly come undone/ hanged men know the path/ death for he laughs last// the wings are long burnt/ halo broken around our necks/ justice is long gone/ innocence mistrusted//drowning in shadows of light/ worlds life is thy plight/ trigger on the finger blood and smoke linger//wings incinerated/ halo shattered/ death for innocence/ murder our trust/ the halo is our noose/ fan the flames/ fallen angels/ we choke on life
Track Name: Buried In Darkness
swallowed by the mind/ a curse of human kind/ mass grave of decadence/ tombstone of skeletons// buried in darkness/ decline of humanity/ buried in darkness/ obsessed in insanity// the televised extinction/mass funeral and coffins for the youth/coffins of filth buried/ adorned with corpses of the past// buried in darkness/ mass decadence/ buried in darkness/draped in depravity// buried for life/ in a mass grave/ no more strife/ eternity in blackness/ no more sun shall shine/ insanity and decadence/ the collapse of the human mind/buried inside darkness//
Track Name: Decay Of The American Dream
the bombs soared down/ they stand in the street/ as tears rand down their cheeks/nothings was the same/ hand in hand the stood// we paved the way for war/ the home and body collapse systems failure as it all falls apart/ tattered flags wave as we march to war// the bloating corpse is what's left/ take a bite taste the bile/ don't choke on the rotting maggots/ its all that left of the American dream/we cry for help waking terror scream/ searching for sanity/ insane are the kids with knives/ knives aiming towards the elders// we are the garbage, we are the decay/ blood in the streets// primitive we have become/ the bomb hang over head/ drowning in rotting blood/ handed down from our fathers/ what's left of the home has collapsed/ hopes and dreams expired yesterday/ we gather for the funeral of what once was/ ruins of the flags/ masks of the elders/ marching towards the light/family is war home is death// human rights canceled/ our time has expired/ hopes and dreams have become/ the decay of the American dream//
Track Name: Blood Stains And Mirrors
the reflection of sanity/ as I stare into the mirror/ killing off humanity/ maybe I am the error/ victims line the walls/ all of those I murder/ death in a second/ life in an eternity// I am alive/ I am dead/ I live through/ blood stains and mirrors// another life gone/ another victim/ another blood stain/ another death/ I look into the mirror/ I see the eyes of the demon/ plaguing me for eternity/ I come alive once more// I am alive/ I am dead/ I live through/ blood stains and mirrors// I wear the dead/ my own private holocaust/ I am a product of your life/ adorned in bones and blood/ I see through the mirror/ I don't belong to this world/I murder to feel alive/ as your life drains I come alive// I am alive/ I am dead/ I live through/ blood stains and mirrors//